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Penned by the not forgotten forgottenphenom

There are several sites FREE to use or register with, that will give you some very useful information on your opponents from the moment your bum hits your seat. Its always beneficial to try to stay one step ahead on the poker tables. I will suggest a few that will cover all game types and most networks.

STT's & MTT's;

SharkScope @

The database, to my knowledge, only covers Texas Hold'em but includes all limits and stakes. This site covers nearly every online poker site and all major networks, with the exclusion on Ladbrokes Poker, which used to be on but I can no longer see it on the drop-down.

You are allowed 5 free searches per day. If you required more than this you'd have to pay $11.99 a month for 150 daily searches or $9.99 for 200 anytime searches.

Searching the database is easy. You enter your opponents on-screen username/alias in the "Player Name" drop-down. Select the "Poker Site" you are playing on. Then choose, from the final drop-down, either "Sit N' Go", "Scheduled (MTT)" or "All Games"(recommended).

It's as easy as 1,2,3. The results show Games Played, Average Profit ($), Average Stake ($), Average ROI (Return On Investment), Total Profit ($), Form and Ability (out of 100).

After it retrieves the results on a search of an opponent, click on their username and you will be shown 3 different graphs covering the above stats. Further information can be gathered in the "More Option" tab. NB some of these extras use up one of your five daily searches.

Multi-Tabled STT's & MTT's:

Firstly, Multi-Tabled STT's may seem ambiguous if your not familiar with them, its run like an MTT but it has a maximum number of tables/players.

Official Poker Rankings (OPR) @

OPR is much more limited in the sites that it tracks. It tracks FullTilt Poker tournaments with +30 players, PokerStars with +36 players, then Ongame Network and Party Poker both MTT's only. This site as NO daily search limits.

Their first indicator is a star rating out of 10. It is preset to show the last 120 days but its drop-down facility goes all the way back to October 2006 with monthly increments. It also shows a star rating for the last three years (thus shown as 2007, 2008 and 2009), it "Rates(%)" and "Ranks" the player for each time period.
The preset search will show ITM (In The Money) finishes as places 1st, tied 1st, 2nd, 3rd then 4th - 10th, basically showing you the amount of times a player as reached the final table. Along with their average MTT finishing position (%) be it they went out "Early", "E-M", "Mid", "M-L or "Late(deep).

Below this it breaks down the players "Game" type, which include Hold'em NL, Hold'em Limit/Pot Limit, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and Other. This table shows Profit($), Prizes($), ROI, ABI($)(Average Buy-In), AFS(Average Field Size), R/A(% of which were Re-buys/Add-ons, then ITM(In The Money, both as number of times and %).

At the bottom of the page under the "Tournament Results" tab it chronologically displays every tournament entry stating Date, Tournament Type , Game Type, Buy-In, Entries, Rank(finishing position) and Prize. Again you can change some filters to make a more specific search.

On this site, again at the bottom, under the "All Poker Rankings tab it will bring up all online players so watch out for the sharks at your table.

Cash Tables:

Poker Table Ratings @

This is a CASH table only site tracking almost every online raked cash hand played, therefore covering every major site & network. From the micro stakes to the nose bleed tables of poker. It only tracks Texas Hold'em but every variety of that game.

The site breaks down the data tracked, that come under six tabs; "Overview", "Analysis", "Hands", "Sessions", "Opponents" and "Grader". Each offering invaluable information on any player and showing plenty of graphs and charts.

"Overview" shows you their PTR Rating(%) with a little thermometer indicating this, with the number of hands that were tracked. It also shows Earnings($), Hands Played, Rake paid and received($), BB(Big Bets won per 100 hands(%)), Tilt Score(%), Hot or Not rating(how a player is running) and Bot Score(a players consistency habits(%)). Included under this is three Profit/Loss Graphs for the lifetime of the players tracked hands.

"Analysis" as three sliding scales(%) rating "Looseness", "Aggression" and "Showdown" all of which have a graph underneath illustrating this in more detail. This section allows you to filter it to refine the data.

"Hands" shows the top 10 biggest pots that player has ever won and lost. Which you are able to play back and watch in full. It also adds that players "Luckiest" and "Unluckiest" starting hand.
At the bottom of the page is all the starting hands(A-A down to 7-2) mapped out showing profit/loss for each.

"Sessions" Just tells you the number of sessions tracked of which were winning or losing ones, Average Profit($) and Average Hands per session. Again you can click on each session and watch it hand for hand, bet for bet.

"Opponents" like sessions it just breaks down the data against your opponents. With two charts showing "Best Friend", the top ten players you've profited($) from and "Worst Enemies" whose took the most money off you($).

"Grader" simply grades a players play using the good old school routine of A-F. The seven areas graded are "Pre-Flop Tightness", "Pre-Flop Aggression", "Flop Aggression", "Turn Aggression", "River Aggression", "Showdown Frequency" and "Overall Grade". Each area as a little comment underneath showing what you do more or less that the average player(%), and offers some advice. Again you can filter this section to refine the data from different buy-ins and game type.

Good Luck FP
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