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PostSubject: ROOM REVIEW - LADBROKES   ROOM REVIEW - LADBROKES EmptySat May 29, 2010 8:26 pm

LadbrokesPoker $1000 Bonus

New players who join Ladbrokes Poker via a link on TakesAllSports can receive a 1st deposit bonus of up to 2000%. All you have to do is deposit a minimum of $50 or up to $1000 and start earning points. You have 45 days from the day you make your 1st deposit to play and earn your points.



In our experience, Ladbrokes Poker has always been an industry leader in terms of the software platform that they use and customise, it's both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and feature laden; expect the software to be updated regularly as Ladbrokes seem to budget every year for new ideas. They use the Microgaming platform, which has long been recognised for its high levels of security and robustness. The Microgaming network hosts over 40 different poker sites and Ladbrokes recently joined the network having previously used the software in stand alone mode.

The lobby has been well designed and has so many features it's surprising that it does'nt look cluttered, they have achieved a good balance of looks and functionality, in our opinion. You can now play up to 10 tables simultaneously under their latest upgrade, their hand history lasts for 21 days so you literally have weeks to review your old hands in the hope of improving your future play, the player note taking facility is so large, the amount of text you can store on one player is limited only by your hard drive space, you could write a novel on each of your opponents if you wanted to; there's more than enough useful features to make Ladbrokes Poker worthy of consideration as one of your regular sites.

There are two features we absolutely love and had to mention. Their buddies list is a very useful way to keep in contact with your poker buddies and check out their poker schedule, there's always been a real community feeling at Ladbrokes Poker and the buddy list has definitely played its part. The best feature of all, in our opinion, is the private game facility; you can create your own password protected private games for you and your mates to enjoy, whether you fancy a cash game, Sit & Go or multi table tournament. One of the TakesAllSports backroom staff has been hosting private tournaments on Ladbrokes for nearly 5 years and can vouch that problems have been so rare that it's almost a flawless service.


Ladbrokes used to suffer from poor traffic, especially in the Sit & Go area. This is no longer true as Ladbrokes recently joined the Microgaming network which hosts over 40 other online cardrooms, so nowadays traffic is the least of their worries. Where it used to take up to 30 minutes during off peak time for a 10 player Sit & Go to fill, it now takes a matter of a few minutes. The cash tables have always been the bread and butter part of Ladbrokes Poker, their software is designed to cater for the cash game player and the cash game traffic reflects this. Ladbrokes has always had excellent software, but now they have improved traffic, they truly are one of the bigger players.


New players who join Ladbrokes Poker via a link on TakesAllSports can receive a 1st deposit bonus of up to 2000%. All you have to do is deposit a minimum of $50 or up to $1000 and start earning points. You have 45 days from the day you make your 1st deposit to play and earn your points. Points are rewarded at any real play cash table, multi table tournament and Sit & Go you play at. At the end of the 45 days simply complete the claim form on their website and they will credit your account with the bonus that you have achieved.

From the July 2009, Ladbrokes Poker are proud to launch the Player Club promotion that now rewards all players for all of their play at Ladbrokes poker tables. You will receive “Poker Points” for all your real money play at their cash tables and in their tournaments. Your points will determine which level of their new Player Club benefits you will receive. There are 4 levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP; we feel that an average player can make Silver status and a serious player can easily make Gold and possibly VIP, the way they have structured it makes progressing up the levels a definite possibility, you not only get your rakeback but also a cash loyalty bonus for reaching Silver, Gold and VIP, the bonus getting bigger with each tier.


You can deposit and withdraw in a wide variety of ways at Ladbrokes, they accept Delta, Maestro, Switch and Solo debit cards, Mastercard and Visa credit cards, Western Union, Neteller, PayPal, UKash, eNETS and bank transfer. In our experience, we have found Ladbrokes Poker to be one of the quickest to process withdrawals, it normally takes just a couple of working days before you recieve your money, you can also transfer funds from your Ladbrokes Poker account to your Ladbrokes Sportsbook or Casino accounts.


Support is delivered using 3 channels, the self help section, email and also phone support. The self help section has roughly 60 tutorials answering the most commonly asked questions, they're very easy to read and well worth checking out in times of need. There are many email addresses for the different departments within Ladbrokes Poker, we found the ones we tested responded quickly, ranging from a same day response to less than a couple of hours. For UK customers, there are freephone numbers with friendly well spoken voices at the other end who are only too willing to answer your questions and service your needs.


Ladbrokes Poker does'nt accept players from the US and they also have one of the largest sportsbook gambling websites on the Internet. We found the standard of play to be incredibly weak at the lower stake levels and not that much better in the slightly larger stake games; it could be that there are a significant amount of Ladbrokes sportsbook punters who also use the poker site and this is why we deem them worthy of recommendation. If our analysis is correct, you may get outdrawn more often on Ladbrokes, but the pots you do win will be much bigger, it's a higher risk environment but the increased earning potential more than offsets that.


RAKE: 5/5
TOTAL: 30/35

Company: Ladbrokes Ltd
Bonus: $1000
Banking: Delta, Maestro, Switch, Solo, Mastercard, Visa, Western Union, Neteller, PayPal, UKash, eNETS, Bank Transfer.
Ladbrokes Poker
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