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 New to poker

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alex weber

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New to poker  Empty
PostSubject: New to poker    New to poker  EmptySat Aug 07, 2010 10:15 am

Hey, I am new to this site, and new to poker as well. I know a group of friends of mine who play poker together. I always wanted to play with them, but don't know how.

I wanted to start learning by playing online poker. Any tips for a newbie?
Are there good sites to start on?

Any tips would be appreciated!!!

Casinos in the representation of many people - a place of miracles. After all, this is where you can get a few minutes playing a large sum, which is not enough for one year of entertainment and luxury living. But getting such a radiant smile of fate destined not to all.

Yes, a lot depends on luck, but on the person something that depends. In addition to careful selection of casino winnings tracking statistics to determine the best institution, there is a definite scheme of action. Following certain rules, a player gets the opportunity to enjoy playing and winning more.

To begin with important self-organizing rule - play solid and sober mind. Alcohol does not contribute to wins, especially when it comes to those games, where the use of the brain does not affect the final result. Ignoring this rule will affect the player's account immediately, even if he regards himself as professionals.

Another important rule - do not buy the secrets of gaming machines and magic strategy whom the Internet offered more than a dozen. Spend money on useless advertised methods of winning - not the smartest way to win. It is better to make an informed bet on slots with jackpots than actually throw money down the drain.

With regard to the cash games, there are also some rules for success. There are so-called "rule of two pockets" - the player before the game puts a certain amount in your left pocket, and makes her bid. But win puts in the right pocket. Once the left pocket empty, it's time to go home.

This rule is suitable for players in a real casino. In the same virtual institutions, the principle is implemented is even simpler: the player determines for itself the amount that will be able to spend on entertainment, or amount, which he plans to win. After reaching that limit, and other game should be stopped.

Naturally, one can not put their money in a casino, it is generally a sign of gambling, because they control themselves. Play in online casinos can any. Moreover, losing almost everything, and someone wins quite often. Treat for shock at the casino calmly and philosophically. You want to have fun and did it, but for any game is entitled to pay. That's it.

Always use the bonus programs and rewards casino - too good a help to anyone who is ready to play until the last penny. If this last cent will belong to the casino, you will only get better.

Finally, a very serious rule, which not all are ready to follow: learn the game. Must be self-taught in the field of gambling, if you hold them to really fond of. And then your right pocket, real or virtual, will always be full.
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New to poker
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