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 How Much have you won?

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alex weber

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How Much have you won?  Empty
PostSubject: How Much have you won?    How Much have you won?  EmptyThu Aug 12, 2010 4:30 pm

I just want to know how much have you won playing on line poker?
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what was the most you have won playing in a online tournament?
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Lets see, I got 2nd in a tournament on Bodoy and I did have to pay to get into it but I won 85.00 and I got 2nd place in a nother tournament on Bodoy but it was a freeroll and I won 75.00

I have not won nothing real big as you can see.Playing at online casinos, people sometimes put considerable sums - $ 300 for one field are not uncommon. And that means, and deposits from these players so little. However, even for the richest man defined, relatively small, the amount is not necessarily redundant.
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Yes, the players spend money on gambling entertainment, but they are not willing to lose money just like that, as a result of an insidious hacking online casinos. No malfunction in equipment virtual institution then did not live up to their negligence, and not save reputation.
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Here, as in the bank - has lost money the client, it means that you carry full responsibility for this. And that means that gambling establishments are interested in that none of the criminal element is not able to cause damage not only to the institution, but also its visitors.
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To do this, there are special inspection agencies whose main function - to do an audit software for online casinos. If the institution falls into the black list, as dishonest, "twisted" games, it is unlikely to work with a license. By the way, the licensing procedure is also a great way to select online casinos. Focusing on the establishment license and a good reputation, you almost do not risk their money.

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Another category of casino - those who do not stop stealing from the accounts of visitors, while mercilessly deceived them in games. Double "divorce on the money" a form of disloyalty casino. Such institutions are usually very quick to learn through colorful advertising, insane bonus that no one ever gets, and other "zavlekalovkam. But the exodus of players from unscrupulous casino happens immediately, as soon as they realize "work style" of the new institution.

His fate - to be an example of bad casinos in all forums. It is therefore important to collect more information about the virtual institution at which you decide to go. Several argued angry responses on the casino on the forums enough to think about whether you are ready to play in it. And this is also a form of protecting their finances.

An important detail to help determine how honest and friendly casino before you - the presence of correctly operating support, which takes the information at once across multiple channels - phone, email, ICQ, Skype, etc. If there is no support at all, then be prepared for that to solve the problems in the game will be much harder than in the normal casinos with good a support.

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How Much have you won?
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