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  Does Anyone Know Why ???

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brain cameron

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    Does Anyone Know Why ???     Empty
PostSubject: Does Anyone Know Why ???        Does Anyone Know Why ???     EmptyThu Aug 18, 2011 5:31 pm

Hi all,
Don't know if this has been covered anywhere else but does anyone know why you can only benefit from the rake from ring games?
I'll try to explain what I mean : Sites which offer some kind of comp system like frequent player points or the "crowns" at Noble etc...even money made via affiliates all are based on the "rake" only.
Why don't poker rooms apply this to tournament play as well? Some players only play tournaments or SNG's and the "fee" for each tournament can really add up but no-one gets anything for this apart from the poker room.
If you want the extra benefit of "loyalty points" or "comp points" you can only get them via "rake" from ring games.
Some tournaments ( depending on what ones your playing ) have between $1 and $10 + fee's. I wonder how many "comp points" I would have built up over the years if this applied to fees in tourneys.
Any comments???


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Does Anyone Know Why ???
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