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 Good place to start?

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Good place to start? Empty
PostSubject: Good place to start?   Good place to start? EmptyWed Aug 24, 2011 6:29 pm

Ok so I know the rules of poker, and I know enough to win a freeroll or two. But how do I get better? Are books a good start?


I like watching the instructions videos on youtube and was thinking of getting one of those subscriptions - but they are pretty
darn expensive, at least $100. The only one that seems to have a reasonable price is Real Poker Training at $30 for 1 month. Is

this an ok place to start? Any sugggestions?

I tried reading Phil Gordon's Little Green book but fell asleep, and I'm trying to read Harrington which is good - but I don't have

much patience to read beyond the first chapter
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Good place to start?
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