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 Just as offline casinos

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PostSubject: Just as offline casinos   Just as offline casinos EmptySat Sep 17, 2011 4:32 pm

Just as offline casinos keep their customers winner casino review

drinks and cigarettes, and the online casino has its own secrets to attract and retain customers, who need to know any professional player. Thus, we consider the most common tricks used by online casinos.
1. Bonus: Thanks to the wide spread of bonus hanterstva, it is now almost impossible to find real casinos offering lucrative bonuses for the player. Most of the proposed casino bonuses are the so-called "phantom" bonuses, that is, by its very nature is a kind of short-term loans, which online casino gives the player
all slots casino review
game, and in the end will be deducted from his winnings. Among other things, the bonuses are usually subject to special rules under which the amount of lead before winning the bonus amount must be several times "play", usually from 30 to 50. Besides, most online casinos prohibit win back bonuses in the most advantageous to the player games such as roulette, video poker, black jack. In other words, giving bonus credits casino virtually no risk. If you win that amount is deducted from the winning player, and the same player is "forced" to play games with
slots types

advantage the casino (slot type), and the need to wager forcing the player to play the "long distance" that makes the game more disadvantageous for the player. Of course, some casinos give out bonuses and quite profitable, but, basically, they give away their tested vip-players, and newcomers to rely on some kind of bonus is not particularly profitable prihoditsya.Tem least, the bonus is an effective tool to attract and retain players in the Internet casinos. In the first assessment in the online casino bonus is usually automatically included in the total amount of players on account of it does not stand out, which creates the illusion of a player winning.
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Just as offline casinos
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