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 Two of the most popular card games

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brain cameron

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Two of the most popular card games Empty
PostSubject: Two of the most popular card games   Two of the most popular card games EmptyMon Sep 19, 2011 12:31 pm

Two of the most popular card games are traditionally poker and blackjack. At one time these two gambling purchased some criminal overtones, as firmly associated with gangsters and illegal casinos. Gradually, however, to the "morals" poker back with intelligence, as the main feature, which should have a player that plays poker.
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Black Jack was and still is attractive due to its unpredictability, a certain eccentricity. If I may say so, the poker and blackjack are slightly different audience, and at the same time, the player who prefers to all poker games, can sometimes afford to relax by playing blackjack. So, what were they rivals.

We will not find out which of these games is better, worse - it obviously incorrect statement of the question. Both games have an army of fans and deserve already own personal monument. Despite the fact that this game card, and thus related, there are nuances that allow them to accurately separated from each other.

Dynamics Blackjack attracts players who are not willing to spend time on the long process of collecting combinations in poker. In addition, not all bluff given skill, and remain calm in a situation when it comes to a clear defeat, not everyone will be able to, but it's elemental skill a good poker player.
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Also in Blackjack is an obvious plus - the opportunity to raise the amount of winning, just doubling the bet. Once received and enshrined in the first days, knowledge will be enough players for the rest of life, whereas in poker will require permanent self. Already then, to remember all the combinations, leaving some time, and only through maps and even more so can not overpower everyone.

What can I say - play blackjack is still easier than poker, although it is not so profitable. Perhaps precisely because of profitability, many players around the world, and even more so - in Russia - choosing poker? Indeed, professionals in the field of poker, WSOP champions, and several thousand first-class players have tens of thousands of dollars on a single game. Nevertheless, the money given to them quite easy. Night games, constant control of the casino, increased attention, the constant tension in the process of playing a negative impact on any player.

So, blackjack and poker are hardly games-rivals. They coexist peacefully in a world of gambling, have their difficulties, and its advantages. But it is obvious that a good player in blackjack is unlikely to be equivalent to a poker player.
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Two of the most popular card games
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