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 Another Way to Learn

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PostSubject: Another Way to Learn   Another Way to Learn EmptySun Nov 20, 2011 10:56 am


I bought a Deuces Cracked membership a month ago and decided to download all of their videos (135GB+). Initially I did it to have access to the videos and save some money for coaching in 6 months or so.

As I downloaded each video I read the descriptions of many of them which got me interested in watching some.
It's also a bit distracting to download a bunch of videos and play, so instead of playing, I watched some of the videos that seemed interesting, and, of course, I feel like I learned a ton.


There was a minor error with a couple of the videos and I emailed DC support to tell them. A guy named Joe (Joe Tall?) thanked me and added a week on to my subscription!

How cool is that!
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Another Way to Learn
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